Synthetic & Natural Food Colours

We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of synthetic and natural food colors in India. We produce a wide range of synthetic and natural food colors by using exclusively natural ingredients. Synthetic and natural food colors are free from side effects. Natural food colors are good for health. Food is the source of energy. To sustain energy food is necessary. Colors are an inseparable part of food; good colors have a great impact on our mind, we cannot separate food and color. Food colors are available in various forms such as liquid, solid powders, and gels or pastes.

Synthetic and natural food colors can be stored for a longer time, totally made from natural elements. We produce a varied range of synthetic and natural food colors demanded by various foodstuff industries. These are in great demand by the chemical industries to give a colorful blend to the medicine.

We have all types of synthetic and food colors available at our stores at reasonable rates.

We are well known for the quality products supplied and we never leave any chance of disappointment for our clients. We are serving in this profession since 1998 and have gained the best of our knowledge for food color products. We are the priority of our clients. We are exporting in more than 20 countries of the world. Feel free to contact us. We are at your service all 24/7.