Industries Served

Our commitment to industries is to provide them with the best quality of dyes and make use of its proper application.


We are a leading company in the leather industry and we provide a big range of dyes to satisfy their requirements..


Our RO system provides the best quality to the inks industry and we are also known for our quality at a global platform.


We offer dyeing assistance for the dyeing process and we provide best match shade for applications too.


Our dyes are also served in the food industry as it required special food dyes and we can provide that.

Wood Stain

Our dyes are also served in the wood stain industry as they require different shade for this industry and we can provide that.


Our dyes are being used in the printing industry for several years as of now.


We have served this industry from last decade as our dyes have the potential to be used in the cosmetic industry.


Our colours are FDC approved so it can be used at a medical level for a different purpose.